Narges: The Time it Started

Narges: The Time it Started

Neda, founder of Narges organics talks about her organic and all-natural hair and skin care and on how she started it. She likes to think her story is a fairytale of the digital age – it all began with Snapchat and in a restaurant with her friends. 4 years ago, she decided to start her brand when she realized she’s over with excessively commercialized, store bought haircare and skincare products that causes serious damage to her skin, hair, and the environment. “Haircare was never my area of expertise. I just suffered a lot with it. Even though that was the case, I left it to the saloon to color and pamper what was there. I was more focused on skincare and focused a lot on face mask routines to avoid pigmentation and to boost the quality of my skin.” She admittedly said.

Shortly after, she commenced researching and formulating her own organic hair and skin potions and committed to creating exceptional solutions. The result showed after months of using it and with constant care which were astonishing. It didn’t take long for her to acquire recognition from friends, coiffeur, and social media followers which motivated her to put the brand out there. “Today I am currently producing a bigger amount of my products that range from skin and hair care. My goal with Narges is to nurture skin and hair, one woman, at a time” Neda.

This is her journey, and there is so much more yet to come.

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