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Don’t Let Your Bad Hair Day Ruin Your Day

bad hair day benefits of brushing hair brush organic brush

Most of us probably had days when our hair does not cooperate. Yes, that bad hair day that everyone talks about. Some may opt for a quick fix by wearing a cap or others just shove it off with a “messy hair, don’t care”. But you may be underestimating a daily routine that could be the key to solving your hair issues.

Bad Hair Day - Boar Bristle Brush

Benefits of Brushing Hair

You read that right. Brushing your hair the right way has many benefits that will help you in the long run. This might seem to be a minor task that we do everyday but this is what we should focus on to get that healthy hair appearance. 

Brushing your hair is not just about tangle-free hair. Proper brushing eliminates waste, increases blood circulation, balances the distribution of healthy natural oil, and prevents oil from building up in your scalp. Aside from increasing blood circulation, the scalp stimulation from brushing helps distribute natural sebum which restores moisture and keeps the overall health of your hair. 

Evenly distributing the natural oil not just lubricates your hair but also helps you remove over 100 strands from hair fall. Thus, this can prevent hair loss, reduce frizz and breakage of hair causing split ends and weak hair.

The Right Tool

Investing in the right tool is the first step to taking care of your hair. Brushing your hair with natural boar bristles can strengthen and condition your hair. (HEY GORGEOUS! Paddle Brush): Yes, this is a 2-in-1 tip that can save you from costly hair treatments, conditioners, and dry shampoos.

The Right Way To Brush Your Hair

For best results, it is recommended to flip your head upside down, start brushing from the nape through the tips of the hair, then flip your head back over, and brush from the top of your head and go through the length again. In order to achieve the natural shine, this is advised to be the best way to distribute oils from the roots to the ends of your hair. 

If you still can’t believe that hair brushing is the key to getting rid of a bad hair day, try out our Hey Gorgeous! Paddle Brush. We can’t wait to hear and see the results! Share with us your gorgeous experience at Narges Organics

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