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It is well documented that having a healthy and good digestion is your way to a healthier and happy skin. Good digestion – let’s put it this way what you put inside is what it shows outside.


It’s more about digestion and hormones and a less about the products we’re using. Here’s our go to in clearing out our digestive tract and keeping a healthy skin.

Water – drink plenty of water. Water is the common why we get constipated. We advise drink plenty of water or at a minimum of 8 glasses per day. We tell your water really helps.

Fruit Fiber & Herbs – include this healthy meal in your diet. Fruits like pineapples, raspberries and apples to help you aid digestion. Also, a good amount of chia seed is a help.

Probiotics – these live healthy and good bacteria can be found in yogurt, sauerkraut and soft cheeses. This keeps your gut healthy.

This healthy protocol with the help of 6 - 8 hour sleep and your regular skin care routine will totally help you achieve a HEALTHY SKIN, HAPPY SKIN.

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