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Maskne Is Real

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Aside from the anxiety and stress that COVID-19 has brought us, it also had us worrying on our skincare. Wearing masks these days have become our protection against the pandemic. While masks are of utter importance to protect ourselves and to stop the spread of the virus we also uncovered a new problem, maskne. 

Maskne Is Real


What is Maskne?

Maskne or mask-related acne can be caused by the trapped hot air when we breathe or talk while wearing masks. The warm environment created can irritate our skin and cause bacteria that provides an area to grow acne.

Maskne Prevention Tips

This situation can cause further frustrations to us. In order to prevent maskne make sure that you wash your face before and after wearing a mask to avoid trapping of dirt and excess oil. These factors can cause clogging of pores that lead to maskne. You should also take note that washing with water alone is not sufficient. 

Face Wash Maskne

Getting the right face wash for your face will do the trick. Face washes help you remove all unnecessary foreign substances that cause irritation and inflammation to your skin. It thoroughly cleans and soothes your face. Yes, aside from proper hand washing you should also consider including regular face-washing to your daily routine as this can protect your skin from a maskne breakout. 

These are simple steps that should not be skipped and must be a part of your skincare routine to prevent maskne.


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